Pub Debate Series: Do you use online dating to find a partner?

Once upon a time, in a pub not to dissimilar to the one you frequent now, two people locked eyes across the bar. The year was 1989, ‘One Summer’ by Daryl Braithwaite played loudly through the sound system. Their attraction was immediate and they knew they must meet. They shuffled self-consciously around the bar and through the awkwardness of most dating introductions, sparks flew. He was wise enough compliment her lovely eyes and she impressed him with her rendition of ‘The Horses’ (another Braithwaite classic). It was a case of ‘meant to be’ and they lived happily ever after.

In today’s dating world, singletons are opting to forgo the endless Saturday nights at the pub and awkward introductions in their search for a partner; instead choosing to subscribe to the ease and convenience of online dating apps.

After all, why shower and dress, when you can ‘swipe right’ from the comfort of a couch in your favourite flannel pyjamas? We asked you guys what dating apps you’re using to find a partner these days. Here’s what you told us:

44% of you are swiping left or right (or up if you’re SUPER keen) on Tinder. It’s the ultimate dating instant gratification, knowing that someone thinks you’re ‘a bit of alright’ before you’ve even met.

12% of men surveyed are cruising RSVP or Oasis. Still much quicker than creating a connection in person – perusing a short online profile helps the dudes determine whether a potential date is not only their physical ideal, but also shares the same interests too.

10% of blokes are investing the time in creating an eHarmony profile. A more in depth look at values, interests and compatibility, this site claims to make better matches, for better dates and potential relationships.

It’s good to remember that even after a swipe right, you still have to pony up the conversation goods when you meet in person. While many Aussies are turning to dating apps and social media to source a date, you can never write off the potential of meeting someone special when you least expect it; at the pub, grocery store, or in line for your morning coffee.

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