Spot on Spotters: You're off to a deserted island. What do you take?

It's a question we've all pondered at some point in time. In childhood with friends, as young adults at the pub, or at 3am when we can't sleep and we've finished spending the imaginary lottery that we've just won.

You're headed to a deserted island and can only pack 3 things. What do you take? 

We put the classic conundrum to our Spotters, and here's what they told us...

Thankfully, over 50% of Spotters chose to pack some food or water to take to the island. Sustenance is key while you’re honing your Bear Grylls skills, after all.  Notable additions to your food list? Chips, chocolate…and a cow, which we can only assume holds a dual purpose, depending on your dietary preferences. Steak, anyone?

Water topped your drinks list, with other (very necessary additions) of coffee, beer, champagne, wine and Bundy Rum making the list.  Shout out to the Spotter who, of the 3 spots available on your packing list, nominated to take beer, toilet paper, and more beer...because, priorities, right?

35% of Spotters nominated to take safety equipment or medical supplies. These are the people you hope you get stuck with on a deserted island. Shelter, matches, knives, and fishing rods were all popular choices for Spotters – who are more than prepared for an extended stay on the island. Shout out to the Spotters who cleverly decided to pack a water desalination kit or purifier – and to the Spotter who used his 3-item allowance on a knife, lighter and some duct tape. Is that you, Bear Grylls?

28% of Spotters won’t let a deserted island get in the way of taking care of themselves and looking their best. Cute outfits, hats and sunscreen were popular choices; along with shampoo, conditioner and make up for some. Only one Spotter is taking deodorant to the island – which means the rest of us are just happy to get on the nose. 

What will you do on the island?

1 in 3 of you have thought of this already by choosing to pack books, a bible, or entertainment device of some description. For those of you taking phones, iPads, computers – or a whole television for one of you; we hope you get stuck with the measly 2% of Spotters who thought to pack a solar powered generator to accompany their electronics.

Unless you’re happy to risk becoming best mates with a volleyball named Wilson (only Tom Hanks can get away with a friendship like that), you’ll want company to keep you sane.  1 in 5 Spotters used their allocation to take family, friends or pets called Puddin. One guy is taking a camel, but we’ll just leave that one there.

Top of the randometer for what our awesome Spotters are taking to their deserted island include a screwdriver, a male cow and perhaps the most obvious – and genius nomination of all…a genie, to give you whatever you need on the island anyway. Now why didn’t we think of that?


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