Television or Social Media...what would you give up?

Millennials of today will never know the joy or challenges of an existence without social media. We live in a world where, ‘if you didn’t post it on social media, did it even happen?’

Those readers who came before millennials will remember the good ol’ days of connecting with people via a landline telephone (that’s a phone which plugs into the wall, by the way); the ability to eat dinner in a restaurant (without taking a picture of it first) and the relief of avoiding Aunt Susan and her latest pyramid scheme membership, until you saw her at Christmas.

Now we’re online 24/7. Always connected via social media and smart phones. People have replaced phone calls with ‘Whats App’ messages. We’ve swapped restaurant catch ups with Facebook check-ins….and now Aunt Susan can message you whenever she feels the itch to sell you her crystals, essential oils or fancy plastic ware. Oh joy.

In light of the well-documented social media and smart phone addiction existing in today’s culture, we were doubtful there’d be anything you would rather give up than your Facebook profile or Instagram feed. That’s why we were blown away when a unanimous 100% of Spotters said they would rather give up social media FOREVER than give up movies and television.

It seems that we are still a society who crave the escapism of a great plot line via some solid screen time.

With some of this generation’s best television shows and movies being pumped out by streaming services, lovers of movie and TV have a lot to look forward to in coming months. So shut those social media apps down and take our polls below to vote for your faves in our TV and movies polls.

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