Trading Places...who would you choose?

They say the grass is always greener on someone else’s patch. We tested that theory when we asked our Entertainment Spotters who they’d choose to trade places with, if given the opportunity to swap with absolutely anyone in the world. So what did you tell us?

Surprisingly, Hollywood stars and gangsta rappers with private jets and holiday lifestyles were not high on your wish list. Is it the pressure to permanently diet, or wear your pants underneath your backside that put you off? We get it. It’s good to have your priorities in order. Doughnuts before green juice, and well fitted pants over undies, please.

Many of you want to trade places so you can ‘undo’ mistakes of the past. So who is making a mess of life? According to 1 in 5 of you, the prime culprits are Trump and Turnbull. The living room politicians amongst us are convinced that we could do it better than our leaders. What would be first on your ‘to-do’ list if you were leader of the free world?

Notable mentions include Bill Gates. Money, brains and the means to fix the world’s problems were your reasons for picking this billionaire.  If you get the chance to be Bill, number 1 on your ‘to-do’ list had better be the resurgence of Clippit, the handy MS Office Assistant paper clip. We miss that little guy.

Ellen DeGeneres also gets a notable mention. Why? You tell us it’s her ability to make people laugh, for making dreams come true and for getting to chat with interesting guests on her show each week. Guys – totally cool choice. You know that Ellen is vegan, right? So meat lovers beware for what you wish for!

The most popular response to our ‘trading places’ question? No one. Over 35% of Spotters wouldn’t trade places with anyone else if given the opportunity, which makes us think…maybe the grass is actually greener right under our feet?

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