We're giving you a super power! Which would you choose?

At one point or another, we’ve all enjoyed a fascination with superheroes. Maybe it’s because they get to wear capes and their underwear on the outside, maybe it’s because they save the world and are universally loved, and maybe it’s because they possess the superhuman super powers that we wish we could harness in our everyday lives too.

We recently asked our Spotters what superpower they would choose, if granted the ability to have one special ‘super skill’. Your answers showed us that even in a ‘superhero’ scenario – your choices are certainly unique!

Many of you opted for the well-known powers, which we totally get.

Flying? Awesome. You’re thinking of the money you’ll save on petrol and the minutes you’ll shave off your morning commute to work or school. Just don’t soar too high – we all know what happens to pigeons who get a lil’ too close to airplane propellers, if you know what we mean.

Invisibility? Who said that? We can’t see you. We guess that’s the point. It’d be pretty cool to cruise around undetected; listening to co-workers, bosses, friends and family without the fear of being seen. Oh the things you’ll see and hear! It’s all fun and games until you spy Roger from Accounting and Patricia from Accounts Payable in the photocopy room. Use this super power wisely Spotters, and beware of the burden that knowledge can bring!

Noble Spotters want the power to find cures for incurable diseases and diffuse landmines. Kudos to you – our friends. You are the selfless among us!

Some of you want the ability to turn back time. Such a great power if we want to relive fun past times or correct our mistakes. Maybe watch a few time travel movies before you start jumping into the past. We hear changing the past can affect your present and future. Is that worth tinkering with?

One Spotter wants to be Frozo, from the movie ‘Incredibles’. Turning things to snow and ice? We’re with you buddy – especially in summer. Just let us know when you’re coming to the next BBQ and we’ll put a hold on grabbing ice bags for the esky.


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