Which car are you?

Whether it’s the Formula 1 race in March, the Bathurst 1000 in October, or the many races peppered in between, motor sports and cars are an ingrained part of the Australian vernacular. It’s only natural then, that we asked what kind of car describes you best. It’s got survey respondents divided, with no clear brand or shape coming out on top.

Almost 10% of blokes surveyed saw themselves as classic cars. Think restored gems like the Valiant, Torana, Mustang and Monaro. With a little bit of TLC and a regular grease and oil change, these types just get better with age. Constantly reliving in the memory of glory days past, a classic car never goes out of style.

12% of respondents described themselves as the fair-dinkum Aussie workhorse Ute or van. Whether you’re packing your tools in the tray, or your surfboard on the roof, the ute and van are beloved by Aussie men who seek a set of wheels to stand the test of time; it’s no surprise then that many of you see yourselves as these true-blue and trusty Aussie icons.

Other popular choices littered in this category of many, include the motorcycle - for the carefree and independent among you who love no strings attached. The luxury sedans, for those who seek refined comfort and the finer things in life; and the supercharged V8’s – for the thrill seeking performance lovers among us.



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